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May 8, 2009 by Moderateman
Just a little note for those that might care, that I am still alive and well. Except for little whip and shovelheat and adventuredude, have heard not a single word from anyone else, but this does not suprise me at all.

I may drop in time to time just to read some of the same crap that gets written over and over again. because it is comforting to know that some things never change.

Be well.

February 2, 2009 by Moderateman
Liberals condone the murder of babies in the womb, this legally would be a conspiracy in different circumstances.

40 million murders so far and counting and liberals want to make it easier to murder more children, there is no religion on the planet that condone baby killing, except the religion of the liberal mind.

Liberals are doing everything they can to remove G-D from all public viewing, in essence denying the existence of G-D by this action.

So called religious liberals are hypocri...
January 29, 2009 by Moderateman
This is just about what one family went through fighting for the passage of Proposition Eight.

The shameful and vicious treatment which the McIlhenny family, including thier three children, suffered from Gay and Lesbian activists during their stay in San Fran Freako from 1973 until the late 1990's. The homosexual movement has been able to obtain its goals by using FASCIST tactics, violence, intimidation and threatening boycotts of those corporations that refuse to satisfy their demands.

January 29, 2009 by Moderateman
This is NOT a blanket statement not all minorities behave this way, but more and more seem to think that any disagreement with them coming from a white person no matter how small the disagreement is automatically marks the White person a racist.

What ever happened to adults working out problems between themselves? If you are a white male and have to deal with a Black female, you have to couch each and every word you say with so much caution that you can easily lose your entire train of though...
January 26, 2009 by Moderateman
Everyone seems to be concentrating on the problems we are having in the country lately; Illegal Immigration, Hurricane recovery in New Orleans, Alligators attacking people in Florida; Mad cow disease, our constitution, the Ten Commandments, the passing of Proposition Eight in California; etc.

My Oldest sent me an e-mail and seems to have solutions to these problems, maybe Bobbi {my oldest} should run for president! She has a lot of common sense! I wonder how she would solve our economic probl...
January 20, 2009 by Moderateman
While there has been some real nasty remarks made about the New President and his family, { I think Family is off limits BTW} this one remark shows racism and disrespect to the max.

See if you can top this for an Insult:

"The Obamas are just another Black family moving into public housing", Concerning them moving into the White-house} It seems that some from the right wing are going to behave much like the left did when George Bush was elected, throwing bombs at him before he does one act ...
January 18, 2009 by Moderateman
One of my article was about how SCOTUS has no right {constitutionally} to decide what laws are constitutional and what is not, because it would make the Judicial Branch of our government a despotic branch {which they have already become}.

We now have a an Incoming president, that has praised the LIBERAL wing of SCOTUS, and criticized the Conservatives. Obama says "that he would appoint justices with the empathy to understand what it is like to be poor, or African American or Gay or disabled o...
January 14, 2009 by Moderateman
Really I do respect people that are up front about how they feel, give me a person that just comes out and calls me a dirty Jew, or a black person a filthy Nigger, or a Latino a Spic or greaser, at least you know where they are coming from. There are no surprises with these people and I can respect that. I don't like them, but then again they don't like me either.

It's the people that are under cover that really scare me, you know the ones. I am sure most of us have one in our lives, the ones...
January 9, 2009 by Moderateman
Rosie O'Donnell she of the heat cannot melt steel and concrete fame and other inane foot in mouth declarations does it one more time.

She calls Israel a 'NAZI STATE" this of course could not be more hurtful to Jews everywhere. I can understand someone taking the side of Hamas, I really can, I don't have to like it or even agree with it, but to compare Israel with Adolf Hitlers Nazi Germany? this is just insane, no wonder her shows are complete failures, I hope she has enough money to last her...
January 8, 2009 by Moderateman
Last year I presented an article about how things were not so bad after all, in retrospect i see that if the United States were in grave peril, when it comes to nuclear weapons the countries of Great Britain, France, India, Israel and Pakistan only have small arsenals of such weapons {I felt better after thinking this}

I now know that Pakistan is in peril of their government imploding and becoming a virulent hater of the United States and could sell some suitcase Nukes to Terrorists {so ...
January 7, 2009 by Moderateman
In Ft. Lauderdale Florida There was a small protest about the Israel and Hamas fighting going on, the pro-Israel folks were well behaved, shouting freedom for Jews and condemning the actions of Hamas using civilians as a defense and a place to launch rockets from so they can claim Israel is killing civilians.

Hamas has no problems with targeting schools filled with children, or hospitals, nor does Hamas have problems using schools and hospitals as storage facilities for rockets and ammunition...
January 4, 2009 by Moderateman
Danny Platt confessed, told police where to find the child's body and will be booked with first-degree murder of Ja' Shawn Powell, Danny Platt Murdered his 2 and 1/2 year old child to avoid paying child support, how sick is this? this happened in New Orleans and city that should have been destroyed by Katrina.

Platt has long said he would kill either his wife or his child if ordered to pay child support, his wife is in hiding now after the horrendous death of Ja' Shawn.

Can any of you pare...
January 3, 2009 by Moderateman
Everyone that flies knows you DO NOT SAY THE WORD BOMB, at the airport, PERIOD! not in any way shape or form, you just do not say it, or Hijack this is written in stone, if someone overhears you say one of these two words you can expect trouble for you and anyone flying with you.

So this Muslim family goes right ahead and say it, all innocent "where is the best place to sit if a BOMB goes off" now this is over heard and reported to the authorities and yes they are in trouble, they are not all...
January 2, 2009 by Moderateman
Here we are in another year 2009 came in with a whimper. We are being told that we are in the worse "recession" ever {read depression} since the 1930's. The President-Elect believes the government can spend our way out of this problem. He wants to have a "second stimulus bill " on his desk on January 20Th, so he can sign it. The purpose of a second stimulus package is to get the country spending again. The first one failed dismally since responsible citizens used the money they got to pay bills ...
December 29, 2008 by Moderateman
One month ago it looked like the Giants were unstoppable, their record was twelve wins and one loss. Then Plaxico Burris their best receiver had a meltdown, besides not being able to play, he went and shot himself in the leg, in a city {New York} where simple possession of a handgun breaks the very old Sullivan law and carries a seven year sentence.

The Giants looked unstoppable, then BOOM! the last four games of the season they lost three out of four, while the Carolina Panther game was...